jueves, 11 de diciembre de 2008

star escape (be swirled)

I look up every night & a star gate develops before me (& those hazel eyel of her).

For the sake of her love, I shall remain still, trembling, mumbling old prayers I've thought long forgotten.

Please, star gate, pick me up & take me out of this world full of misery that I hate (don't we all?) & fear in equal intensity.

Red before blue, green & yellow: and then, one day I feel something new, I'm being lifted away.

(Charlotte Segal, "Swirling Clouds"
Oil on Canvas 48" x 54")

And even as I'm airborne, I kneel & cry, the swirling pool is opening.


I won't be again, nor before, thus remember me for what I am.

And what am I? Nothing but the end of the road, that road where no man has gone before (and won't be again).

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